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Police of the Czech Republic CZE

The Police of the Czech Republic is an armed security force. The objective of the Police of the Czech Republic is to protect the security of people, property and public order, to prevent criminal offences, to meet tasks stipulated by the Code of Criminal Procedure. The Police of the Czech Republic are subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior. It consists of the Police Presidium, units having a republic-wide competence and fourteen Regional Police Directorates.
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We create a world which is based on valid, clear and timely information. We are a Czech independent company. Our software tools for data processing decrease the gap between information and useful information. For 29 years already we have been developing cutting-edge software for analytical search and processing information from various unstructured and structured data sources. We help companies and organisations to find, understand and use all the information that they have at their disposal. We provide not only the software tools developed by us, but also our premium technical support and friendly and helpful approach to our customers. We value our long-standing relationships with our customers, including significant Czech and international companies and government organisations and agencies.
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