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Dencrypt Communication Solution

provides secure mobile voice/video calls and secure instant messaging on the end-user’s daily smartphone (iOS or Android). The solution makes secure communication possible over non-secure infrastructure such as cellular networks and public WiFi networks. Security is achieved by applying end-to-end encryption between devices using the Dencrypt’s Dynamic Encryption principle. This gives the user an extreme high level of security and prevents eavesdropping as well as unauthorized access to data.

The solution combines a high security level with user-friendly operation on ordinary consumer devices (standard smartphones) without a need for external hardware or special devices.

Dencrypt’s solution is Common Criteria certified and has Accreditation from the Danish Defence as well as NATO.

Continued support for Danish Defence, NATO, MODs and governments

Decrypt has the privilege to support the Danish Defence, NATO, MoDs and governments with our solution for securing communication in daily operation as well in critical situations.

The solution offered to these organisations rely on Dencrypt’s proprietary Dynamic Encryption technology, effectively creating a closed communication system where the customer has full control of the users allowed into the system. This includes adding/removing users as well as establishing call privileges from the local phonebook.

The solution also allows organisations to communicate across systems. The is enabled by our bridge module that federates systems into one coherent communication network, while still allowing system administrators to define individual user privileges.

Dencrypt solution works on standard data networks including cellular network, WiFi, satellite networks and even lower bandwidth networks.

Experienced and qualified staff ensures customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Dencrypt’s priority. Dencrypt employs staff and executives with a strong knowledge and experience in understanding customer’s needs and converting this to solutions in the Dencrypt Communication Solution.

Dencrypt’s support team is ready to support our customers on the phone, via email or our dedicated customer support portal.

Our team is highly experienced and competent in software development and cryptography. We monitor technology and security trends in order to continuously develop and improve our solution.

Dencrypt’s network of carefully selected sales partners are capable of offering our customers around the world with best service and local support.


Technical highlights

Technical Objectives
» Secure communication combined with user-friendly operation to ensure efficient use in daily operations
» Works on employees’ smartphone with no need for additional hardware
» Scalable solution delivered as a cloud service or as an enterprise (on-premises) deployment                                                                                                    » Closed secure phonebook
» Common Criteria certified solutions ensure that products are developed securely with 3rd party validation

Key Technologies
» Dynamic Encryption combined with AES-256 or a proprietary inner algorithm
» End-to-end encrypted calls and messages on mobile devices
» Forward secrecy: Diffie-Hellman key exchange
» Support for iOS and Android-based devices

Security Validation
» Common Criteria certification of Dencrypt Connex (iOS) and Dencrypt Server System
» Accreditation for classified information by NATO and the Danish Defence

Our products

Dencrypt Connex are app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Dencrypt works with the Customer throughout the project life-cycle from requirement specification, system design, implementation, delivery and support.

Dencrypt Core enables all types of data connections to be secured by Dynamic Encryption.

About us

Dencrypt A/S is a Danish company that specialises in developing and providing solutions based on the principle of Dynamic Encryption.

Dencrypt was established to enable everyone to communicate in confidence. Dencrypt combines advanced encryption technology with user-friendly operation.

Dencrypt A/S

Address: Arnold Nielsens Blvd. 72, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 72 11 79 11

Email: [email protected]